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     Supreme Products Co., Ltd. is one of the largest prestigious distributors and service providers of Medical Device in Thailand since 1979.  It was set up by a group of enthusiastic marketing and sales executives with specialized knowledge of medical equipment, targeted hospitals, clinics and primary care centers.  

      Supreme Products Co., Ltd. pioneered the distribution of medical equipment in Thailand and will continue to advance by increasing our range of products, and offering service solution packages.  We will continue to improve our services to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.  With the philosophy "Partner for Service Excellence", we will continue, with the help of our service networks, to support and develop the medical care and treatment of the people of Thailand.    

      With a well trained staff of around 500, we grew to become the market leader in Pre-hospital, and supply Ambulance assembled from our own plant, Out-patient Department, Radiology Department, Pharmacy, Cardiology, Oncology, Operating Theatres, ICU, In-patient Department and etc.

      Awarded our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Certificate for our designs, productions, assemblies, distributions, after-sales services for Ambulance, Rescue and Medical Equipment to all hospitals.

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